WE31 - TL;DR: Leverage Data and Graphics To Make A Long Story Short (Sponsored by SMPS)

Wednesday, November 8 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM « Back

Abstract Text:

"Storytelling" has become crucial to building and evolving successful practices, but designers still risk doing too much or nothing at all. Infographics and data visualizations can help you present complex solutions from design approaches to sustainability initiatives. Bypass "too long; didn't read" with data visualizations that are designed from the start to be brief, easy to read on a page, screen, or wall, and organized around communicating the value in any project, completed or proposed. To get a highly visual, cost-conscious, and (increasingly) distractable audience to change existing behaviors and adopt new attitudes, you need to deliver only the most essential data, nothing more! We will present infographics from two research datasets that were designed for various presentation formats. We will discuss the pitfalls of approach, tools, and process that can lead to over-design and confusion. We show what tools, approaches, and efforts make an infographic a successful marketing tool.

Learning Objectives:

Identify when you do and do not need to use an infographic

How to avoid slipping on the 2 biggest Banana Peels of Infographic Design

How to collaborate on an infographic when you're not designing it yourself

How to simplify your data-heavy presentation without dumbing it down.


AIA Credit Hours:
1.5 LU
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