TH16 - Designed with Community In Mind (Sponsored by WiD)

Thursday, November 9 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM « Back

Abstract Text:

This session will build on the lessons learned from CBT's Housing the Hub initiative to take a deep dive into structuring community engagement processes for the 21st century. We will cover the following engagement strategies from our successful 2016 public exhibition and discussion series on urban housing innovation. Team Up. Our public, private and non-profit partners brought unique insights, robust outreach networks and unwavering support to our initiative. Go to Them. Our central, outdoor location allowed us to attract a much wider and larger audience than traditional community engagement programs. Keep it Simple. We were struck by the power of telling a strong story. Bold visuals, key facts and thoughtful narratives came together to tell a holistic story that resonated with an extremely diverse audience. Be Proactive. Too often community engagement is reactive. Community members continuously thanked us for offering them an opportunity to learn about and play a proactive role in shaping our city’s future. Give Them Options. We used a wide variety of mediums (including augmented and virtual reality) to share an a-la-carte menu of design ideas so that there was something for everyone. The session will also include additional insight and advice from similar community projects.

Learning Objectives:

Strengthen graphic communications skills

Understand online community engagement platforms

Enrich understanding of AR/VR techonlogies use in community engagement

Build community design conversation skills


AIA Credit Hours:

Event Type: Education Sessions; Women in Design Symposium > Session