TH27 - Retrofitting Buildings for Flood Risks

Thursday, November 29 from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM « Back

Abstract Text:

Responses to rising sea-levels, increased storm impacts, and more frequent major precipitation events can be categorized according to scale, from the individual building to the region. This presentation will focus on specific strategies and best practices for enhancing resilience, passive survivability, and flood-resistance at the scale of the individual building, the neighborhood, and the district or floodplain. With the City of Boston's planned implementation of a Floodplain Design Overlay District such specific strategies will be required throughout significant areas of the City. Learn what to expect from the proposed new zoning regulations and how to satisfy these expected requirements.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the risk to existing buildings resulting from increased severity and frequency of storms and precipitation events, as well as sea-level rise

Anticipate zoning regulations governing required flood-resistant retrofits in existing buildings

Identify appropriate best practices for enhancing resilience and promoting survivability

Understand the potential synergies of efficiency and resilience upgrades


AIA Credit Hours:
1.5 LU | HSW

Education Tracks: Beyond Flooding: Designing Resilience

Event Type: Workshops > Session