TH41 - Resiliency Planning for Multi-Family Coastal Development

Thursday, November 29 from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM « Back

Abstract Text:

Resiliency, sustainability, and public Massachusetts Chapter 91 waterfront access have become more integrated into the development planning process in residential neighborhoods within the City of Boston. Increasing awareness of these civic issues have widened the conversation to community stakeholders, design professionals, and policy leaders.

As a result, research is becoming formalized into guidelines that are driving "best" design practices and regulatory oversight to collectively improve the relationship between private development and civic open space, the preservation and protection of our coastal ecologies, and their relationship to housing typologies.

Analyzed through the lens of complex regulatory, environmental, and urban design drivers on a coastal site in East Boston, our team will discuss how multi-family development projects can integrate these complex planning measures while remaining sensitive to differentiating scales within varied neighborhood contexts.

We will discuss development opportunities available on sites that are becoming points of vulnerability along the Boston coastline, and the role of architectural and landscape design in the context of communities at greater risk of flooding. Furthermore, this session will focus on sustainable design and energy efficiency when providing a mix of micro to multiple bed housing unit typologies.

Learning Objectives:

Outline complex regulatory drivers such as zoning, resiliency, chapter 91, conservation and BPDA planning a part of coastal development projects

Discuss inherent design opportunities from these regulatory challenges

Demonstrate architectural problem solving techniques in flood prone areas and understand the process of incorporating dry and wet flood-proofing measures into the design process

Debate the role/obligation of design professionals to educate clients and communities about resiliency planning


AIA Credit Hours:
1.5 LU | HSW

Education Tracks: Better Housing

Event Type: Workshops > Session