WE27 - What can we do beyond 2050? Long term adaptation strategies

Wednesday, November 28 from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM « Back

Abstract Text:

This past year, intense Nor’easterns exposed the risks of climate change in cities across the Eastern Seaboard. While cities have been developing plans for mitigation and adaptation, we should ask how will these plans adapt to new projections of a faster sea level rise or increased intensity of storm events.

This panel will discuss tools to assess and transform the frameworks for resilience set today, which will have long-term consequences. To begin defining these questions, we will discuss recent efforts by Climate Ready Boston to present a ‘layered approach:' first facilitating localized infrastructural interventions to address short term threats, second, creating long-term visions for new public infrastructure addresses and finally, developing flexibility and relationships to connect policy, development, and resilience planning.

We will also discuss the ongoing East Side Coastal Resiliency(ESCR) and Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency(LMCR) projects, whose combination can provide an example for adaptive long-term plans in Lower Manhattan. To conclude, we will explore how this ‘layered approach’ in NYC and Boston (which has a wide range of efforts outside East Boston and Charlestown) can help set strategies for cities address challenges in an incremental and dynamic manner while engaging in an iterative dialogue with the community.

Learning Objectives:

Illuminate the need for adaptive capacity in long term resilience plans and the pathways to application of the ‘layered approach’.

Learn about which actions can be taken at many scales and applications, and resiliency plans must set a flexible framework for these scenarios.

Demonstrate knowledge of resilience strategies to their clients and expand on the notion of long term adaptability.

Explore tools to address resilience in the long and short term


GBCI Credit Hours:
1.5 GBCI
AIA Credit Hours:
1.5 LU | HSW

Education Tracks: Beyond Flooding: Designing Resilience

Event Type: Workshops > Session