TH02 - Trouble with the Curve

Thursday, November 29 from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM « Back

Abstract Text:

Recent trends in architectural design have not only increased the demand for complex geometry, but also the desire for high performance and transparent facades. While free-form curvilinear geometries may be achieved through the use of warm-bending techniques such as hot bending and lamination bending, the associated fabrication costs tend to be prohibitively expensive when compared to traditional flat glass and often require strict manufacturing and installation tolerances.
Cold bending allows for the realization of curved glass facades at a reduced fabrication premium, however it is usually limited to large radius, single curvature applications. The development of new parametric modeling tools and advances in computational analysis design of free-form architectural geometry have facilitated the rationalization of complex double-curved facades using singly-curved panels. Technological developments in both façade engineering and the glass industry have yielded a broad array of opportunities for the application of cold-bending techniques which were previously limited by geometric complexity as well as the capability of fabricators.
This workshop will explore some basic principles of cold-bending as well as its aesthetic implications in order to afford architects, façade engineers and other industry professional with a more comprehensive understanding about the potential prospects and pitfalls associated with curved glass.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion, the participant will understand the different types of glazing applicable for facades and when to use them

Upon completion, the participant will know the different processes for bending glass and the limitations

Upon completion, the participant will understand the need for façade rationalization, the initial steps of geometric analysis and understanding the graphic representation of results

Upon completion, the participant will have gained an overview of typical manufacturing and installation considerations


AIA Credit Hours:
1.5 LU

Education Tracks: Enclosures

Event Type: Workshops > Session