WE03 - Climate Resilient Design: Overcoming Hurdles

Wednesday, November 28 from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM « Back

Abstract Text:

Developers, engineers, and architects want to include climate resiliency into their development projects for marketing, public health and environmental reasons. However, it's not easy being green. What makes it so challenging to include climate-resilient design (e.g. "living shorelines") into their projects? What are the regulatory issues and prevailing perspectives, in Massachusetts that make it so tricky? Engage with policy and permitting specialists working with developers and their teams on numerous high profile projects in Greater Boston to reflect upon the current difficulties, and discuss ways of overcoming them. Several piloted ideas will be presented such as leveraging public and private interests, finding permitting openings, and working cooperatively with resource agencies. Also learn about the recent efforts to change federal, state, and local regulation to make being green and resilient common practice.

Learning Objectives:

Describe the regulatory and liability issues, and prevailing perspectives, regarding climate-resilient design in Massachusetts

Explain the concepts relating to natural and green resiliency measures (e.g., a "living shoreline")

Incorporate best practices into the due-diligence process, team selection, and legal agreements to ensure climate-resilient measures are at the forefront of design

Work with their peers to overcome regulatory and policy hurdles to permit climate-resilient measures within their projects


AIA Credit Hours:
1.5 LU | HSW

Event Type: Workshops > Session